Why Fireplace?
Why Fireplace?

Our products meet the ever increasing domestic and international needs and requirements.

Technical development and design are seen to by a design team of our own, so more than 100 fireplace-stove models are simultaneously available in our assortment. When designing and developing fireplace-stoves, we aim at finding quality, innovative and varied solutions of stable value.

The variety of shapes and facings (ceramic in various colours, soapstone, sandstone and sheet facings) make it easy to select the ideal ’piece of furniture’ which help you turn your house into a harmonic and cosy home. Our fireplace-stoves suited to various lifestyles include stoves of normal and long-lasting combustion, stoves provided with heat storage stone, stoves suitable for burning pellets, boiler stoves and those suitable for integration into central heating systems, and stoves that can be built in passive houses and independent of room air. Among them you will most probably find the one meeting your requirements as fully as possible.

Apart from considerations associated with shapes and the capacity of arousing pleasant moods, it should also be considered if the output of the fireplace-stove selected is in harmony with the conditions prevailing in the house, so that proper operation of the fireplace-stove could be guaranteed.

Why to decidet to buy a product by Fireplace?

  • We have many years experience on the European market
  • Our own manufacturing base ensures great flexibility
  • We apply innovative design
  • Best quality materials are used
  • Permanently high quality standards
  • Good price –service ratio
  • We apply innovative design
  • Short delivery times (1-2 weeks)
  • Technical customer service (after consultations by phone)
  • We maintain tried and tested processing standards
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